Word of the Year

So, I’ve been noticing these past few years that some people pick a word of the year instead of making resolutions. I’ve been thinking about this lately and decided to pick a word for 2018 too.

My word is productive.

Word of the year

Why? Because this is the year that I’ll make all my dreams come true. No more sitting around and just day-dreaming. Though the day-dreams part is ok, they’ll be backed-up by some action this time around.  I plan to publish one short story, one novel and one non-fiction piece about an interesting woman who lived during the Napoleonic years in Baltimore (intrigued yet?). I’ll also plan my 2019 books and projects, continue to blog and do push-ups at least five days a week. (I’ve already been doing the push-ups and have been pretty faithful. On the rare days I skip them, I do twice the amount the next day.) So, I think productive seems to be a good fit for this year.

What about you? Do you have any goals for 2018? Do you have a word of the year? I’d really like to know.

And last but not least, I’d like to thank you for reading my blog. I’m kind of stunned that a few of you found it and are returning now and again. Thank you!!!