Vanity Fair (Magazine Review)

Reading magazines while drinking Fortnum’s tea in my Burleigh Pottery teacup is pure bliss!

My local library lets you check out magazines, so I borrowed a few. I hardly ever read magazines and it made for a fun weekend. And I kind of fell in love with Vanity Fair, at least with the May 2018 issue.

It was so much fun to read. Why? Because this issue was the special “Love & Royals” issue in honor of Harry and Meghan’s wedding and it was choke-full of royalty-related articles (my favorite kind of reading).

My favorite article was “Long Live The Kings” by Micheal Joseph Gross (and I went down a rabbit hole after I googled the other articles he wrote). Mr. Gross wrote an article about all of the living former kings, how they still want to live as monarchs* and what they are up to these days.

art carving close up crown
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The article was funny (but not in a ha-ha way), insightful and sad. Funny because all of the ex-kings feel super awkward to accept paid employment** so they rely on donations by their former countrymen. Insightful because the article was well-researched and I learned that a man born to be a monarch, but probably never will be king, lives in my neck of the woods. Sad because a number of the former kings live disillusioned lives by fervently hoping to have their thrones restored and become kings again.

I also enjoyed reading the article about the history of fascinators. Someone please invite me to an English wedding!! There were also a couple of articles about my favorite lady, the Duchess of Sussex. So all in all, this edition was delicious and I am going back to the library for more. Have a great new week! xoxo, Jane

*I pretend to be a monarch too but then the feeling goes away when I have to unload the dishwasher and vacuum the living room.

**I too feel awkward going to work everyday. Please feel free to financially support me.