Lessons learned from my Photography Project

(c) Jane Rosebery 2019

Lessons Learned

I learned a few lessons during my week of taking photographs around town.

  1. Photography is not easy.
  2. When I thought I captured a great image, more often than not it was a poor image.
  3. If I took 30 shots, I was lucky if at least one turned out fine.
  4. Practice and repetition is key.
  5. Taking the same shot from different angles is important.
  6. Natural light is everything.

My Next Steps

I’m going back to reading books and writing books (and writing about books), but I’m not giving up on photography.

  1. I’ve been watching Fundamentals of Photography by the Great Courses Plus. If you don’t have Great Courses Plus, I highly recommend it. You can take courses (without homework!!) on any subject imaginable (writing, cooking, photography, history, law…) taught by preeminent scholars, lecturers and experts. I’m also watching A History of Eastern Europe (fascinating!!). If you already have Amazon Prime, then Great Courses Plus is only $7.99 a month, but you get a month for free to try it out.
  2. I will keep taking photographs, but I will spare you any more of my mediocre pictures.

How did you learn your photography skills? Do you have any lessons to share?

xoxo, Jane

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