Thursday Reading Links #33

Edinburgh, Scotland

Some of my neighbors have already put up their Christmas trees and my downtown area has strung up the twinkly lights. I am officially excited for the Christmas season.

How Translated Books Helped Shape My Cultural Identity.

This week, I wrote about my visit to Peleliu.

Also, things I notice when reading books.

Quote by First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt: “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”

On this day in 1889, Nellie Bly goes around the world.

One year ago on the blog, Castle Ruins.

Sesame Street is 50 years old.

It turns out that chocolate is not healthy for you.

What a fun article! Revolting reads: the most nauseating moments from the Harry Potter series.

Speaking of Harry Potter, I am in the process of putting this Hogwarts Express lego set together. My goal is to have it finished by Christmas Eve.

Oh, this is a great list. Twenty historical mysteries featuring feisty female protagonists.

xoxo, Jane


On Feeling Stressed…

The moody, brooding Highlands. And an old croft.

Whenever I feel stressed and overwhelmed, I take a deep breath and stare at my photographs of the Scottish Highlands.

If only I could transport myself to Scotland at the snap of my fingers.

If you have any tricks and tips on how to deal with stress better, do let me know. I need all the help I can get. 

xoxo, Jane

Trinket Tuesday: A Medieval Ceiling


The ceiling at the tenement house museum in Edinburgh was gorgeous.

I love the vivid colors and the fruit motifs. This ceiling is the original and was discovered underneath other layers in recent years. It’s incredible to me that the color pigments lasted through the centuries.

If you could paint anything on your ceiling, what would it be?

Trinket Tuesday is where I share some of the lovely things I discover during my travels, research or around town. All pictures are my own (unless I state otherwise). I hope you enjoy!