Book Haul Update


I bought more books to add to my Penguin Clothbound Classics collection. This should be the last ones I buy because I now own the full-length Jane Austen novels in this collection. My goal wasn’t to own the entire Jane Austen set, but the pandemic forced me to do a little bit of retail therapy to support my small, independent bookshop.

I bought Northanger Abbey from the collection which I’ve read before and enjoyed the movie adaptation. I also bought Mansfield Park, which I haven’t read and is up next. I am a little bit weary of this novel because it’s about cousin love (the hero and heroine are first cousins !!). I’m hoping I can enjoy the book regardless. We’ll see.

Oh, and can you spot my new book-inspired vase?

In other news, I’m currently listening to the Catch and Kill podcast by Ronan Farrow. If you don’t know what it’s about, it’s the podcast where Ronan Farrow and his guests (journalists, victims, private investigators, etc.) talk about the Harvey Weinstein investigation process and everything they endured because of it. If I didn’t already hate predators as much as I do, I would hate them even more now. I’ll probably read Ronan Farrow’s book, Catch and Kill, afterwards. If I don’t explode from anger first. Have you read it?

xoxo, Jane

Podcasts Update Part VI


I found a new podcast that I love, Noble Blood. (You know I love my royal history!) At this point someone will need to invent several more hours in the day because there isn’t enough time for all the books, all the podcasts and all the afternoon teas.

Noble Blood is a narrative tour of history’s most fascinating royals (good, bad, nice, evil and fake). Hosted by author Dana Schwartz, so far we’ve had three really good episodes: The Second Death of Marie Antoinette, The Desperate Young King Charles II and The Butcher Baronet.

I don’t know if Dana did voice acting before, but she is really good at it and I’m entranced by her narrative. I love the soundtrack and the music in the background. It really sets the mood for the ominous true tales.

If you listen to it, let me know what you think. I love talking about podcasts (and books and afternoon tea).

xoxo, Jane

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Podcasts Update Part III

Hi! I hope everyone is doing well.

As most of you know, my favorite form of entertainment is reading books and listening to podcasts (and drinking tea). I’m really excited to share an update to my podcast list.

I recently discovered the BBC Radio 4 Extra podcast drama about Wallis Simpson, Wallis – The Life and Legends of Wallis Simpson. It is very well done, entertaining and engrossing. It’s a three-part series and Wallis is voiced by the inimitable Stockard Channing. Unfortunately, at the time of this writing, the podcast is available for only 28 more days. I highly recommend this podcast drama if you are at all interested in Wallis or the abdication crisis.

The second podcast drama that I recently discovered and am really enjoying is by BBC World Service, entitled Fall of the Shah. Just in time for the Iranian Revolution anniversary. It’s very well done and I can’t wait to listen to the second episode. This podcast is a nine-part series.

If you are listening to any interesting podcasts, please share. I love discovering new podcasts!

(Read more about my favorite podcasts, Part I here and Part II here.)

xoxo, Jane

Favorite Podcasts update


Since I last wrote about my favorite podcasts, there have been a few more podcasts that I added to my listening repertoire. Without further ado:

Dressed: The History of Fashion

“Fashion history is about more than pretty clothes.” – Dressed Podcast

This podcast is phenomenal. It’s all about the history of fashion. You may think it’s frivolous, but it’s not frivolous. It’s well-researched, fun and interesting. The hosts are experts, well-spoken and well-educated. They know their stuff. Episodes are posted every Tuesday.

Stuff You Missed in History Class

This one isn’t new to me, but I neglected to mention it during my previous blog post. The episodes focus on the most interesting aspects of history. Episodes are posted three times per week. Subjects range from Léonard Autié (Marie Antoinette’s hair dresser) to Alan Turing (the codebreaker) and everything imaginable in-between. Highly recommended.

This Day in History Class

This new podcast is a spin-off from Stuff You Missed in History Class (and shares the same website linked above). The daily episodes are usually about five minutes long. If you love history and “on this day” type tidbits, then I recommend this podcast.

Pod Save The Queen

I admit this podcast by The Daily Mirror, on everything British royals, is purely frivolous. I found it around the time of the recent royal wedding. It’s fun and sometimes silly but not mean-spirited.

Please share your favorite podcasts too.

Happy Listening! xoxo, Jane