Thursday Reading Links #52

Discovered this wall during a social distancing walk.

Dear April,

Please be nicer to us. March was a bear.

xoxo, Jane

Congratulations, You’re Moving In with A Reader! Cute read.

A wonderful article about Maria Branwell, mother of the extraordinary Brontës.

Wild goats take over Welsh town amid coronavirus lockdown. There are pictures! The pictures will certainly make you smile.

A Bookstore of One’s Own. The New York Times on Persephone Books. (There may be a paywall.)

A nighttime routine for a better sleep. Which I’m sure we all need right now.

Thank you for stopping by. Be well, friends! xoxo, Jane


Small Moments of Happiness: March 2020


March was awful (awful!!) and I’m sure I don’t have to tell you why. Instead, I’m going to focus on a few small moments of happiness and I hope you will too.

I decided to treat myself to a book subscription to Persephone Books. The first book, Mariana, arrived in March. It’s good luck that I received the book before the bookshop closed due to the virus. I also bought a number of books to support booksellers, both local and in London. This cheered me up immensely.

Some other small moments of happiness were books and reading in general, my community banding together to see us through this pandemic and our talented, selfless health care workers.


And tea. At least there is always tea.

Your turn! What were some of your small moments of happiness last month?

xoxo, Jane

London Book Haul


My trip to London may have been cancelled, but my book shopping need not be. I happily supported my local bookstores and then I happily supported a couple of the bookstores I was going to visit in London.

I decided it would be a nice treat if I subscribed to a six-month book subscription from Persephone Books, something I have been wanting to do for a number of years now. Much to my delight, the first book, Mariana, arrived earlier this week. Mariana is written by Monica Dickens, the great-granddaughter of Charles Dickens. It’s a little bit biographical and the main character, Mariana, is a young Englishwoman, going through all the motions of life. It’s supposed to be humorous and interesting and well-written.


I also bought Square Haunting by Francesca Wade and The Other Bennet Sister by Janice Hadlow. I’m looking forward to reading both.

Square Haunting is the story of five women writers living in London (Bloomsbury) during the years between the two world wars. I was planning on buying it in London, so I thought it only right to order the British edition. I was supposed to stay in Bloomsbury and haunt all of these squares myself, but it will have to wait for another time and that’s okay.

The Other Bennet Sister is about Mary Bennet, the overlooked sister from Pride and Prejudice. I recall feeling annoyed by her, so it will be interesting to see how Mary’s life turns out.


In more local news, I also paid a visit to my neighborhood used bookstore and bought Travels with my Aunt by Graham Greene (humorous) and From Splendor to Revolution by Julia P. Gelardi (Romanov history).

Even though I’m in book heaven, I’m not used to purchasing so many books. (I talk about that here.) I honestly don’t know how soon I’ll get through reading this new stack. Regardless, supporting our bookstores is the right thing to do and binge reading will be a good diversion from the current troubles.

What is your good diversion currently?

xoxo, Jane

Thursday Reading Links #14

white and red flag
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Happy 4th of July to US readers around the world.

It’s fitting that today is Independence Day because I resigned from my corporate job for a position at a smaller company. I feel as if a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. And I feel happy and free.

At my new job, I’ll be less stressed (and no longer harassed by entitled millionaires) and will have more time and energy to focus on my writing and my family.

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Here are a few things that piqued my interest (plus an earlier blog post). xoxo, Jane


Do you subscribe to Book Subscriptions?

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Let’s have a chat, shall we?

I toy with the idea of treating myself to a book subscription. Then I talk myself out of it.

I mean, I already have a stack of books the size of [insert your favorite mountain here] to get through as it is. Plus, I really need to declutter my bookshelves and make a few donations. Why add to the pile? But then I always revert back to my original thoughts. Books (and reading) are good for the soul and they are never a waste of money!

If I were to do a book subscription, it would be Persephone Books. They republish 20th century forgotten women authors. Persephone’s mission is my cup of tea. If I end up getting a subscription, I’ll let you know.

Do you have a book subscription? If yes, which one?

xoxo, Jane

Trinket Tuesday: Persephone Books


Not very far from the British Museum in London, there is this charming, little bookstore called Persephone Books. Persephone Books “reprints neglected fiction and non-fiction by mid-twentieth century (mostly) women writers.”

One day while my husband was in London during a business trip, he stumbled upon this little bookstore (he got lost while looking for a pub). Since his trip was coming to a close and he still needed to buy me a gift, he went in and chatted with the friendly booksellers, got a few recommendations and brought home three books as a surprise. And that’s how my love affair with Persephone Books began. Eventually, I made my own pilgrimage to Persephone Books.

Persephone Books
My beloved Persephone books.

I love books and bookstores, reading books and listening to others talk about books (booktubers are the best). So a bookstore that gives old stories a new lease on life by specializing in reprinting books long out of print goes to the top of my happiness barometer. If you love good books and want a unique bookstore experience, then next time you are in London, I recommend you pay Persephone Books a visit!

Links for your enjoyment: Persephone Books, Tea & Tattle podcast episode on Persephone Books (Tea & Tattle is one of my favorite podcasts and I cannot recommend it enough), Guardian article on Persephone Books, Bloomsbury area guide.

Trinket Tuesday is where I share some of the lovely things I discover during my travels, research or around town. All pictures are my own (unless I state otherwise). I hope you enjoy!