Pairing books with tea (Miss Buncle Married)


I felt really happy after I finished reading Miss Buncle Married. This is the wonderful sequel to Miss Buncle’s Book (a very hilarious read!). In the sequel Miss Buncle (now Mrs. Abbott) has a new village to explore and more opportunities for hijinks. Even her lovely new husband can’t stop her misadventures!

D.E. Stevenson wrote this dedication to the sequel: “Dedicated to those who liked Miss Buncle and asked for more.” I’m so glad she wrote this sequel. It’s an enjoyable, happy read. Even the cover is a sunny color.

If you need something uplifting and funny and wholesome to read this summer, then I suggest you pick up a copy of Miss Buncle Married. And when you do, enjoy it with a cup of Fortnum’s Afternoon Blend.


Why Afternoon Blend? Because reading this book is like taking a walk through a field of flowers on a sunny afternoon (and while holding and sipping out of a dainty, flowery teacup, why not!). If I sound cheesy, I can’t help it. Books (and tea) make me happy! xoxo, Jane

Pairing books with tea (Miss Buncle’s Book)

Photo via Pexels

Miss Buncle’s Book is ridiculously hilarious!

It’s a fun romp through a fictional sleepy village that furiously wakes up after someone (ahem, Miss Buncle) has been writing about them in a book.

Miss Buncle did not do a very good job of hiding real identities in her book. This gets the townspeople talking about who the anonymous writer might be.

It’s funny and sweet and a little bit romantic. It was written by D.E. Stevenson in 1934 and lovingly brought back to printing life by my beloved Persephone Books.

So, which tea goes well with this book? How about The Huntington Library’s Huntington Blend? This black tea contains florals, citrus and vanilla, which makes it the perfect companion to a fun, breezy, easy read. What sayeth you?

And of course, there is a Pinterest board for this tea pairing. xoxo, Jane