Pairing books with tea (Miss Buncle Married)


I felt really happy after I finished reading Miss Buncle Married. This is the wonderful sequel to Miss Buncle’s Book (a very hilarious read!). In the sequel Miss Buncle (now Mrs. Abbott) has a new village to explore and more opportunities for hijinks. Even her lovely new husband can’t stop her misadventures!

D.E. Stevenson wrote this dedication to the sequel: “Dedicated to those who liked Miss Buncle and asked for more.” I’m so glad she wrote this sequel. It’s an enjoyable, happy read. Even the cover is a sunny color.

If you need something uplifting and funny and wholesome to read this summer, then I suggest you pick up a copy of Miss Buncle Married. And when you do, enjoy it with a cup of Fortnum’s Afternoon Blend.


Why Afternoon Blend? Because reading this book is like taking a walk through a field of flowers on a sunny afternoon (and while holding and sipping out of a dainty, flowery teacup, why not!). If I sound cheesy, I can’t help it. Books (and tea) make me happy! xoxo, Jane