Library Haul


My recent library haul includes two borrowed books and one purchase. I borrowed Royal Holiday by Jasmine Guillory and started reading it almost immediately. It’s due back this weekend, so I have the rest of the week to find out how it all works out for our heroine. It’s a really sweet novel, set in England at a royal estate. The main character is in her early 50s and finds love again with the private secretary to Her Majesty, The Queen. Yes, girl!

I also borrowed Sandra Brown’s Send No Flowers because I’m going through a Sandra Brown phase and I’m not ashamed.


I also bought this cute little book for just $1.00, Royal Weddings – A Very Peculiar History. It’s really adorable and lists fun facts and funny anecdotes about royal bridal couples-to-be and royal weddings throughout history. 

I hope you’re having a wonderful festive season, full of books and good cheer!

xoxo, Jane

This week’s library loot


I’m currently reading The Gown: A Novel of the Royal Wedding by Jennifer Robson (outstanding) and I also borrowed two classic Sandra Brown books (I’m going through a serious Sandra Brown phase) and a fun children’s book, Bad Girls Throughout History. I recommend it for all ages, though. We are never too old to learn about incredible, fearless women.

What are you currently reading?


I also enjoyed a lovely cup of Fortnum’s Royal Blend today. It was a change from my usual Countess Grey.

Have a great new week!

xoxo, Jane

Oh, how I love libraries!

At the New York Public Library – The Stephen A. Schwarzman Building – Photo (c) Jane Rosebery

I have always loved libraries! Going into a building where you can take home books? Yes, please. As a writer, I find I can’t live without my library. For the reference books, for the knowledgeable and kind librarians and for the quiet writing spaces.

Years ago, I walked into my library on a Saturday afternoon just to browse. I came across a book that I must have found quite compelling. Except today I can’t remember the subject or topic. What I do remember is that I took it to the circulation desk where the librarian kindly informed me that this book is a reference book (I hadn’t realized this), but she would make an exception and allow me to take it home for one week. I was (and still am) very touched that she made this exception for me. Librarians are wonderful!

Do you have a library story to share? xoxo, Jane