Thursday Reading Links #3


It’s almost the weekend! One more sleep until it is party central at my house. Just kidding! My weekends are all about books, tea and walks.

Here are some interesting reading links.

This Vanity Fair article is from 2008, but it’s a fascinating read about the Crown Prince and Crown Princess of Greece (a defunct monarchy abolished in the 1970s). Talk about a charmed life: yachts, multiple homes, millions of dollars, designer clothes, entitlement. (“In some ways I’m lucky to have the opportunity to go out and create my own future. On the other hand, it would be nice to follow the career that I was born to, where I could serve my people the best way I can.”) It made me a bit nauseous reading about it all, but it makes for good book characters research.

What I’m reading right now. It’s so good and fluffy, airy and romantic. Perfect for Spring/Summer reading. Also, if you are going on a 4-plus hour flight, then this is the perfect book to be engrossed in. You’ll be able to finish reading it and still have time for a free plane movie.

I just ordered this Topshop purse. Normally I’m more on the conservative side with my handbags, but I’m ready for something different and fun!

I bought this necklace and earrings set and I love, love, love wearing it.

“We made more than five billion teabags last year.”

I love reading about what women keep in their bags.

The release date for Downton Abbey (the movie) is September 20, 2019. I am so excited. Will you see it?

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Trinket Tuesday: The Fife Diamond Tiara

I hope everyone is having a wonderful start to the holiday season. It’s my favorite time of year. I love everything about Christmas! The decor, the sparkles, the festivities, the music, the food, the romantic holiday tv movies…I could go on and on.  Speaking of sparkles…

The Fife Diamond Tiara at Kensington Palace

Today’s trinket is another tiara, the Fife Diamond Tiara made in 1887. It was given to Princess Louise on her wedding day by her husband, the Duke of Fife. Princess Louise was a granddaughter of Queen Victoria.

All husbands should buy their spouses diamond tiaras! {I hope my husband is reading this post.}

Trinket Tuesday is where I share some of the lovely things I discover during my travels, research or around town. All pictures are my own (unless I state otherwise). I hope you enjoy!

Trinket Tuesday: Necklace and earrings of the Empress Marie-Louise

For today’s trinket we travel back to the Louvre to admire the necklace and earrings of the Empress Marie-Louise.

P1050643 2

This emerald and diamond necklace and matching earrings also included a comb and a tiara, but the tiara is now at the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C. Sadly, the tiara no longer matches the necklace and earrings because, somewhere along the way, someone swapped out the emeralds for turquoise stones. As for the comb, according to the Louvre, “it was transformed.” I think that means that the comb doesn’t exist in its original state and the emeralds from the comb may be lost to history.

This parure* was a gift from Napoleon to his second wife, Marie-Louise, on the occasion of their marriage in 1810. According to the Louvre, the necklace comprises of 32 emeralds, 874 brilliants, and 264 rose diamonds. The Louvre acquired this set in 2004.

Links for your enjoyment: More details on the Louvre’s website, the tiara, Marie-Louise bio.

*Parure: a set of jewels intended to be worn together.

Trinket Tuesday is where I share some of the lovely things I discover during my travels, research or around town. All pictures are my own (unless I state otherwise). I hope you enjoy!