Time-traveling, maybe. Let’s have a chat.

Do people ever ask you the question about the time-machine and which era you’d pick to time-travel through? Well, I used to say that I’d never actually want to travel back in time unless I was traveling back as a rich man. Life for women used to be awful and it sort of still is. (I mean, Exhibit A: the best women’s soccer team in the world gets paid pennies compared to the US men’s team and the men’s team is pretty atrocious. I can play better soccer than them, I’m sure.)


I digress. What I’m trying to say is that personally I’d never want to travel back in time. Unless!!! I time-travel as an invincible, powerful, very fashionable and uber, uber rich woman riding this 1927 Harley!

What about you? Which era would you want to visit? And if you didn’t have a guarantee of returning (say, the time-machine you were gifted by Great Uncle Ludwig is only a one-way machine), would you still do it and which era?

Pairing books with tea (Debrett’s Handbook)

I like reading etiquette books for fun. (Plus I like my characters to behave properly, at least the non-villain ones). This made me wonder which tea might match my favorite manners book, Debrett’s Handbook.

Pairing books with tea.png

I think Fortnum’s Royal Blend would match Debrett’s perfectly. Royal Blend is one of Fortnum’s best-selling teas and was created for King Edward VII in 1902. (Ironically King Edward VII broke too many etiquette rules, but I suppose if you are a monarch you can break any rule you want.) So, be sure to brew yourself a good cup of Royal Blend next time you crack open your dusty old copy of Debrett’s. Happy Reading!