The smallest and tiniest version of the Chelsea Flower Show right inside my house

My flowers just hanging out in the dining room before they went their separate ways.

On Saturday I went to my local Trader Joe’s to buy bunches of flowers (and one orchid). I was inspired by the Chelsea Flower Show to create my own little flower haven inside the house.

If I can’t be in London for the flower show, then at least I can have the scent of flowers wafting through my house.ย I placed vases of flowers throughout the house (bear in mind this was easy and cheap to do because my house is a very small house) and I can’t tell you how happy they make me when I see them.

The orchid took pride of place on the mantelpiece in the living room.

Normally, I just keep one vase of flowers on the dining table, but I’m going to keep flowers all over the house going forward.

It’s the simple things in life. xoxo, Jane


Blooms for your Monday

โ€œI must have flowers, always, and always.โ€ Claude Monet


“Flowers really do intoxicate me.” Vita Sackville-West


โ€œThe butterfly is a flying flower, the flower a tethered butterfly.โ€ Ecouchard Le Brun


“Joy in looking and comprehending is natureโ€™s most beautiful gift.” Albert Einstein

Photography Project: 6/7

(c) Jane Rosebery 2019

Tis the season for blossoms! I think this is my favorite photograph thus far. I’m learning that photography is not easy (!!!) and this one is definitely not award-winning, but I’m very pleased with it. Something about the soft blossoms against the bare tree. xoxo, Jane