Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

Father Christmas via Historic UK.

This year was not the year we imagined or hoped for. But I hope that this holiday season brings you joy and that you see some light at the end of the tunnel.

Wishing you a happy holiday season and a very merry Christmas.

xoxo, Jane

Bring on the holiday books: Snow Day by Tony Vassiliadis

Happy December 1st! If you need a sweet, short romantic audiobook to start off your holiday reading, may I recommend Snow Day by Tony Vassiliadis?

Description: What makes for a wonderful life? On a crowded Christmas train from Milan to Paris, Amy, an American headed to meet her fiancé, and Martijn, a Finn headed anywhere but home, meet cute. But when their train gets delayed in an Italian Alps hill town due to a snow storm, they, along with a passel of fellow stranded passengers, find comfort and joy in a cozy inn, run by a wise Italian man who forces them to look at the holiday and each other in a whole new light. 

This fun audiobook is only a little over one hour long. It makes for a quick listen to get you in the holiday spirit. The two main characters, who meet on a train and then get stuck together because of a snow storm, are completely likable and lovable. The narration is just wonderful. It’s a full cast with plenty of soundtrack and background noise, just like listening to a romantic, holiday movie or a radio program. The setting is beautiful Italy during Christmas. I loved it and highly recommend it.

This was created for audio only, so it doesn’t exist in book form. But if you love reading short romantic stories, you’ll love listening to Snow Day. Happy Holidays!

xoxo, Jane

My Reading Challenge: Christmas Books

Recently, I’ve made the very important decision to actually read the holiday-themed books I own. So I went and collected them from around the house and placed the books in a neat stack on my writing desk. I’m giving myself until Epiphany to finish reading them.

Not in any particular order, the books are:

So here we go: six books, one month and a few days, one busy, action-packed holiday season, two jobs and a voracious love of reading. Let’s do this!

What’s on your holiday reading list?

January 21, 2019 Update: I didn’t finish the challenge by my self-imposed deadline and I wasn’t able to get to Her Christmas Protector. I’ll save that one for next Christmas. But I did really enjoy reading just Christmas-themed books and I look forward to doing that again next Christmas!! Happy New Year and Happy Reading!! xoxo Jane

xoxo,  Jane

The Christmas Stocking and other stories by Katie Fforde


The Christmas Stocking and other stories by Katie Fforde is a collection of Christmas-themed, romantic short stories. I know we are long past the holiday season, but I only recently finished reading it and wanted to talk about it while it’s fresh in my mind.

I’ve never read Katie Fforde before, but I certainly will again!! Her frothy stories made me happy. I bought this book in London over Thanksgiving and started it on the flight back to the US. The book contains six fun, romantic short stories. Romance and the holiday season make for a nice mix.

Even though each story is fun and packed with emotion, romance and character development, Katie Fforde saved the best for last, “The Christmas Fairy.” This was by far my favorite because it was the most emotionally-driven story.  Ella, the fairy, is hired to help out a very handsome uncle taking care of his sister’s children while his sister is taking care of their ailing parents.  Ella, who is an out of work actress and a very talented writer and illustrator, works hard to cure everyone’s ailments and to keep the Christmas spirit alive. Over the course of her “fairy” work, she and the dashing uncle begin to fall in love with each other. Sorry for the obvious spoiler, but it’s not really a spoiler because there are a few more surprises that makes this story delightful. Highly recommended for Christmas-time reading (or anytime, really). 🙂

xoxo, Jane