Trinket Tuesday: Persephone Books


Not very far from the British Museum in London, there is this charming, little bookstore called Persephone Books. Persephone Books “reprints neglected fiction and non-fiction by mid-twentieth century (mostly) women writers.”

One day while my husband was in London during a business trip, he stumbled upon this little bookstore (he got lost while looking for a pub). Since his trip was coming to a close and he still needed to buy me a gift, he went in and chatted with the friendly booksellers, got a few recommendations and brought home three books as a surprise. And that’s how my love affair with Persephone Books began. Eventually, I made my own pilgrimage to Persephone Books.

Persephone Books
My beloved Persephone books.

I love books and bookstores, reading books and listening to others talk about books (booktubers are the best). So a bookstore that gives old stories a new lease on life by specializing in reprinting books long out of print goes to the top of my happiness barometer. If you love good books and want a unique bookstore experience, then next time you are in London, I recommend you pay Persephone Books a visit!

Links for your enjoyment: Persephone Books, Tea & Tattle podcast episode on Persephone Books (Tea & Tattle is one of my favorite podcasts and I cannot recommend it enough), Guardian article on Persephone Books, Bloomsbury area guide.

Trinket Tuesday is where I share some of the lovely things I discover during my travels, research or around town. All pictures are my own (unless I state otherwise). I hope you enjoy!

Trinket Tuesday: Baedeker’s Paris

Today’s trinket is my 1913 copy of Baedeker’s Paris. It is in fragile condition, but the maps still look brand-new. I wonder why the previous owners didn’t use the maps during their early 20th century jaunts through Paris…fullsizeoutput_7fdI teased my husband that I’d walk around Paris with the Baedeker in my hands, but we both know that the book will not travel with me and, instead, will live quietly on a bookshelf in my study.

fullsizeoutput_800Links for your enjoyment: Karl BaedekerWikipedia’s list of Baedeker Guides.

Trinket Tuesday is where I share some of the lovely things I discover during my travels, research or around town. All pictures are my own (unless I state otherwise). I hope you enjoy!

Polish Your Poise With Madame Chic by Jennifer L. Scott

Time for a little book review.  Polish Your Poise with Madame Chic: Lessons in Everyday Elegance is the third in the Madame Chic series by Jennifer L. Scott. I’ve read the earlier books so I knew I’d really enjoy the newest book in this series.

Polish Your Poise with Madame Chic

Besides writing her books, Jennifer has a blog and youtube channel where she talks about the themes in her books and how to live a graceful and chic life.

I don’t usually gravitate towards “self-help” books, but this series is different. The series focuses on your personal style, making do with less and choosing quality over quantity.

All good lessons.

Polish Your Poise


In Polish Your Poise with Madame Chic, the reader is introduced to the five characteristics of poise: Confidence, Composure, Compassion, Presentation, Present. To delve deep into the characteristics of poise, the book is divided into three parts, The Power of Poise, Presentation and Practicing Poise.

Why I enjoyed this book:

It’s a fun, fast read. The illustrations are lovely. It’s a fashionable little hardback that fits in my purse and looks good on my bookshelf. Most importantly though, it reiterates the themes of the life that I strive to have: happy, poised and meaningful.

Have you read this book or any of the others in the Madame Chic series?

Do you have any similar recommendations? xoxo, Jane

The Christmas Stocking and other stories by Katie Fforde


The Christmas Stocking and other stories by Katie Fforde is a collection of Christmas-themed, romantic short stories. I know we are long past the holiday season, but I only recently finished reading it and wanted to talk about it while it’s fresh in my mind.

I’ve never read Katie Fforde before, but I certainly will again!! Her frothy stories made me happy. I bought this book in London over Thanksgiving and started it on the flight back to the US. The book contains six fun, romantic short stories. Romance and the holiday season make for a nice mix.

Even though each story is fun and packed with emotion, romance and character development, Katie Fforde saved the best for last, “The Christmas Fairy.” This was by far my favorite because it was the most emotionally-driven story.  Ella, the fairy, is hired to help out a very handsome uncle taking care of his sister’s children while his sister is taking care of their ailing parents.  Ella, who is an out of work actress and a very talented writer and illustrator, works hard to cure everyone’s ailments and to keep the Christmas spirit alive. Over the course of her “fairy” work, she and the dashing uncle begin to fall in love with each other. Sorry for the obvious spoiler, but it’s not really a spoiler because there are a few more surprises that makes this story delightful. Highly recommended for Christmas-time reading (or anytime, really). 🙂

xoxo, Jane