A few current pleasures


Dear friends,

We’ve now entered the phase of reckless impatience here in the USA. People no longer wish to be confined to their homes and have decided to protest. I am told these protestors are in the minority. I would hope so. I imagine even one small group of protestors can make life even more difficult for our tired, underpaid, under-protected and overworked healthcare workers.

In the spirit of staying upbeat and positive, I thought I’d share with you a few of my current pleasures while complying with my stay-at-home order.

The TV adaptation of Julian Fellowes’ Belgravia.

Belgravia is a well-made historical drama with an incredible cast. Period dramas are seeing me through this pandemic! A new episode is released every Sunday. I watch it with a pot of tea and a sweet treat. It really gives me something to look forward to all week long. In fact, I’m in a good mood just thinking about this week’s upcoming episode.

My current audiobook.

I’m listening to To Tempt a Viking by Michelle Willingham. The narrator, Deirdre O’Connell, is fantastic. She has this Irish lilt that is oh so lovely and soothing in my ear. This book is the second in the Forbidden Vikings series. I enjoyed the first book, To Sin with a Viking, so very much that the sequel was an automatic yes for me.


Life shall remain somewhat upbeat as long as there is chocolate. I’m sure someone else, much wiser and more important than me, said the same thing.


I finally signed up for an Audible account. I don’t know why I was so late to join the audiobook game because audiobooks are the best thing ever. I can listen to books while I clean, cook or do the laundry.  Or I can listen while I do nothing except lounge around!

How are you holding up?

xoxo, Jane

Pairing books with tea (Belgravia)


Belgravia by Julian Fellowes (of Downton Abbey fame) is a saga of a story that encompasses the lives of two families. One family is from “old money” and the other from “new money.” Both families reside in Belgravia. What I loved about this novel is that the vivid descriptions and scenes of Belgravia jumped out at me.

IMG_4243 2.jpeg

So which tea would pair well with this book? What about Twinings Lady Grey tea?

It’s light and flavorful and not too strong. Perfect for those drawing room scenes for both families. I can almost imagine the characters sipping Twinings Lady Grey (even if Lady Grey wasn’t invented until the 1990s) out of their Royal Albert teacups (again, Royal Albert wasn’t around then either but we are just having fun here). So I think this tea would make a great pairing with our book today. But what do you think? xoxo, Jane