Do you subscribe to Book Subscriptions?

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Let’s have a chat, shall we?

I toy with the idea of treating myself to a book subscription. Then I talk myself out of it.

I mean, I already have a stack of books the size of [insert your favorite mountain here] to get through as it is. Plus, I really need to declutter my bookshelves and make a few donations. Why add to the pile? But then I always revert back to my original thoughts. Books (and reading) are good for the soul and they are never a waste of money!

If I were to do a book subscription, it would be Persephone Books. They republish 20th century forgotten women authors. Persephone’s mission is my cup of tea. If I end up getting a subscription, I’ll let you know.

Do you have a book subscription? If yes, which one?

xoxo, Jane