Why do you write romance?

I love reading romance novels and women’s fiction with a happily ever after. I’m a fairy-tale type of girl. When it came time to pen my own novels, I naturally gravitated towards romantic stories with happy endings.

What are some of the jobs you’ve had?

This is a fun walk down memory lane. Birdcage cleaner, house cleaner, fast food employee, restaurant waitress and hostess, gym clerk, leather factory shipping and receiving clerk, secretary, tutor, bank teller, retail employee…basically anything that kept a roof over my head. Now that I have two university degrees, I have a corporate job by day and pen my romance novels by night.

What’s your favorite city?

Oh, this is a tough one. I love Paris, but I’m also fond of London and New York City.

What historical genre do you write in?

I’m currently writing in the cold war era and having a lot of fun with the research. However, I’m also a Habsburg fiend and am constantly reading books about the Habsburg royals and their empire.


I think it began with Sisi (Empress Elizabeth of Austria). It started with the Sisi trilogy during my childhood in Germany. I guess I never grew out of watching the movies and still watch the film series every Christmas.

Do you have a favorite book about Sisi?

Yes, I highly recommend The Reluctant Empress by Brigitte Hamann.

What do you do in your spare time?

I research and work on my stories. I also enjoy long walks with my wonderful husband.

What are some of your favorite things?

I love books, jewelry, books about jewelry, visiting museums, traveling and hanging out with my incredibly handsome husband.