Favorite Podcasts update


Since I last wrote about my favorite podcasts, there have been a few more podcasts that I added to my listening repertoire. Without further ado:

Dressed: The History of Fashion

“Fashion history is about more than pretty clothes.” – Dressed Podcast

This podcast is phenomenal. It’s all about the history of fashion. You may think it’s frivolous, but it’s not frivolous. It’s well-researched, fun and interesting. The hosts are experts, well-spoken and well-educated. They know their stuff. Episodes are posted every Tuesday.

Stuff You Missed in History Class

This one isn’t new to me, but I neglected to mention it during my previous blog post. The episodes focus on the most interesting aspects of history. Episodes are posted three times per week. Subjects range from Léonard Autié (Marie Antoinette’s hair dresser) to Alan Turing (the codebreaker) and everything imaginable in-between. Highly recommended.

This Day in History Class

This new podcast is a spin-off from Stuff You Missed in History Class (and shares the same website linked above). The daily episodes are usually about five minutes long. If you love history and “on this day” type tidbits, then I recommend this podcast.

Pod Save The Queen

I admit this podcast by The Daily Mirror, on everything British royals, is purely frivolous. I found it around the time of the recent royal wedding. It’s fun and sometimes silly but not mean-spirited.

Please share your favorite podcasts too.

Happy Listening! xoxo, Jane



I enjoy listening to podcasts. They are entertaining and educational.  I wrote about how I use podcasts for research at the Hearts Through History blog, but I’d like to expand on that post here.


History podcasts

BBC Radio 4 creates amazing podcasts. Some of my favorites are Cold War: Stories from the Big Freeze and Germany: Memories of a Nation. My weekly binge listening is History Extra. I’m not sure if it’s part of BBC Radio 4, but it’s well done and the subjects are phenomenal. Just this week, the podcast hosted historian and author Diane Atkinson. She talked about her new book on the suffragette movement. If you love history, History Extra is for you!

Writing podcasts

First Draught Writing is run by three romance writers and they share their knowledge on writing and the publishing world. Their knowledge is vast. They also seem like a super cool group of women I’d really like to hang out with.

How Do You Write is a new find for me, hosted by author Rachael Herron. It’s inspiring to listen to Rachael interview other authors or talk about the writing craft in general.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention Smart Podcast Trashy Books. Created for romance readers and writers alike, this podcast is just pure fun. Highly recommended.

Lifestyle podcasts

Tea and Tattle is an absolute gem of a podcast. It’s hosted by two best friends, Miranda and Sophie. They talk about relationships, books, travel and “everything in between.”  There is a new episode every Tuesday and, more recently, a new mini-cast every Friday called Tea Reads. This podcast is a pure joy! Another podcast I really enjoy is The Simple Sophisticate, hosted by Shannon Ables. She talks weekly about “intelligent living paired with signature style.” I love listening to these two podcasts.

There are many more lovely podcasts, but I should probably stop here for now. Let me know if you have any favorites! xoxo, Jane