First book of 2021

Happy New Year! Here’s to a really wonderful 2021 (fingers crossed!).

The first book of the year is a Christmas-themed book. It’s a cozy murder-mystery by Georgette Heyer, A Christmas Party. The plot is set over Christmas in a Tudor-era home in England. So far, I’m liking it a lot. I also love the ambience of the Tudor estate. (Fun fact: I once stayed in a Tudor estate.) Though, I have to admit, most of the characters are completely unlikable. Since I don’t read murder-mysteries often, I wonder if that’s the point? If I’m supposed to figure out who committed the murder, then I can’t find every character charming, right?


A colorful assortment of guests at a festive holiday house party discover there is a killer in their midst when their universally reviled host is found dead-in a room locked from the inside.ย 

For Inspector Hemingway of Scotland Yard, the investigation is complicated by the fact that every guest is hiding something-throwing all their testimony into question and casting suspicion far and wide. The clever and daring crime will mystify readers, yet the answer is in plain sight all along…

What’s your first book of the year?

xoxo, Jane