Thursday Reading Links #74

The rose garden at Hillwood Mansion & Museum. The museum is one of my favorite D.C. spots.

I hope the first week of September is going well for you! I am busy reading and there is a pile of books to get through (not a bad problem to have). I’m in the editing stage of my book (editing is boring, writing is much more fun) and am working on a new project.

A few reading links:

This made me feel better. Don’t feel bad: even Danielle Steel, author of 179 books, couldn’t write under lockdown.

I’m fascinated by royals and royal history. The New Yorker article about the fall of Spain’s Juan Carlos is an interesting and intriguing read (also gossipy). (There may be a paywall if you’ve exceeded your article limits.)

Ben & Jerry’s is launching a podcast about white supremacy in America.

The princess who thought she was made of glass. Fascinating read. The poor thing!

Have a great day!

xoxo, Jane