Small Moments of Happiness: July 2020

Welcome to August!

What made me happy in July? Well, I really love working from home so that was a big moment of happiness for me. I’m down to a routine and I can’t imagine ever working in an office again. I’m sure that day will come sooner than I’d like, but for now I’m savoring the productivity and peacefulness of working from home.

I also received my copy of Sanditon. You can see it above, it’s the third book from the left. My Jane Austen Penguin Clothbound Classics series is now complete.

In July, I worked on my various writing projects, read a few interesting books, listened to my favorite podcasts and took lots of nature walks (in the humidity, but you can’t win them all). I also completed another The Great Courses. It was about Prince Albert. Very interesting to learn more about him.

July was a very productive month, but I’m glad it’s August because I want to inch closer to the end of this year and the end of this presidency.

How was your July?

xoxo, Jane