Thursday Reading Links #66

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Hi, there! So, I bought the audio book for The Heir Affair from Audible. It’s the sequel to The Royal We. Have you read it? It is partially inspired by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, but completely fiction. I enjoyed the first book so much. Apparently the whole world did as well, which is why there is a sequel. Hooray for fun sequels!

I’m currently reading The Grimaldis of Monaco. It is so good!! It reads like historical fiction, except it’s all real. Those Princes of Monaco were bad boys. I’m simultaneously reading Paris to the Moon, a collection of essays inspired by the author’s time of living in Paris.

Coronavirus isolation: How to be alone, during a pandemic or anytime. This was really interesting to read. I love staying home, but I take for granted that it can be hard for some people to be alone or stay at home for extended periods of time.

The truth about Christopher Columbus. It’s possible he had two identities.

How to take afternoon tea like a Brit. I’ve been stirring my sugar all wrong!!

21 Writers on Their Favorite Children’s Books.

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2 thoughts on “Thursday Reading Links #66”

  1. I enjoy audio books more since my concussion last year. I find reading straining and can only read for short periods, therefore reading blogs and short stories are better for me. (I love reading your blog!)

    I have no problem being at home, I love solitude and I’m never bored. The problem is money (or lack of it) with all my dance classes canceled, I’m on contract and only get paid for classes I teach. If someone paid me to stay home, I could be happy for the rest of my life and dance in my kitchen! 🙂


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    1. I’m so sorry to read about your concussion!! Are you slowly on the mend? I didn’t know you teach dance but I should not be surprised to read this. You posted lots of lovely pictures of the dance class. I just didn’t realize you were the teacher. Let’s hope life goes back to normal soon.

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