The Occasional Weekly Recap

A lovely tea set through the window of an antique shop during a social distancing walk.

I hope you had a good week! My week was fine, but I have so many worries lingering over me that it’s hard to really enjoy much right now. I know you probably feel the same.

On a lighter note, this week was another busy book blogging week. Below is a recap for your reading pleasure.

Happy reading!

From the same walk, but I promise I was not near anyone.

Favorite Book Series: Clara Vine

Pairing books with tea (Let’s Bring Back)

What to read when you need an escape

Thursday Reading Links #51

London Book Haul

Also, come have tea with me on Instagram. I’m on Twitter too, but Instagram is my fave.

xoxo, Jane

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6 thoughts on “The Occasional Weekly Recap”

  1. Pretty tea sets and table settings make me happy! 🙂

    Here’s one of my sets. Tea for two Franciscan Ivy. This is the company and pattern from the I Love Lucy show. I don’t have the tea pot, but my husband is on the lookout when he goes to thrift shops. 🙂


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    1. It’s gorgeous!! And the teapot you are using in place of the future one goes really well with it. I love that it’s the same company and pattern from the I Love Lucy show. (I once spotted one of my tea cups in a period drama and I thought that was so neat.)

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      1. That’s so cool! I saw my dinnerware in a documentary as the people were eating at a table (nothing to do with the film). Wish I could remember which one. They’re my favourite dishes–WILDROSE by VILLEROY and BOCH. You can see them if you scroll through my SUMMER STAYCATION post. How ironic. We were booked to fly to Texas at the end of April and now we’re on a who-knows-how-long Staycation for spring! 😦


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        1. That’s so neat! I’ve heard of Villeroy and Boch. I’ve been eyeing some of their gorgeous tea cups but at the end, decided against it. How many cups does one really need? We’ve been put on a stay home order until June, so there goes our spring. But I’m going to take your advice and wear my spring dresses around the house and patio.

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          1. You are right, of course! But one could also say, how many pairs of shoes does one really need? 😉

            I’ve thought of doing a post about my tea sets. I always love your photos, so delightful! 🙂

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