Thursday Reading Links #48

I love peaceful, early morning tea while jotting ideas, goals and notes in my planner.

Stay safe and healthy, friends!

All about the National Cherry Blossom Festival.

All of my book reviews can now be found in one spot. Hooray for organization!

12 Most Romantic Gifts for Jane Austen Fans.

A new book about ‘unruly women’ is being discussed over at Jezebel.

Inspiring Books To Read For Women’s History Month 2020.

The Persephone Forum: Young Anne by Dorothy Whipple.

A Simple Weekend Quiche.

A dirty secret: you can only be a writer if you can afford it.

Before Waterloo: What Happened At The Duchess of Richmond’s Ball? This article talks about the famous ball hosted by the Duchess of Richmond, but also mentions that Julian Fellows’ (of Downton Abbey fame) book Belgravia will be a tv series on ITV. This is such wonderful news because I really loved reading Belgravia. I wanted to hug the book when I finished reading it. I wrote about the novel here.

13 Women’s History Podcasts You Don’t Want To Miss Out On.

xoxo, Jane

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