An unexpected surprise (new book)


I came across an unexpected surprise. I discovered that I’m the owner of a lovely book of French fairy tales, Perrault’s Fairy Tales.  The book is published by Dover Illustrations and illustrated by Gustave Doré.

I literally have no recollection of ever purchasing this book. The only reasonable explanation I can come up with is that I must have gone hog wild in a fit of rage purchasing as many books as possible during the Borders final closing sale all those years ago.


Nevertheless, I’ve spent a leisurely weekend enjoying every page. The illustrations are in black and white, detailed and expressive.

There are eight fairy tales translated from the French. My favorite story in this collection is Cinderella. The moral of that story is that the nice girl finishes first. Not sure this is an appropriate lesson for this day and age because sometimes you have to fight hard to get what you deserve, but the Cinderella-type theme is still my favorite trope in modern fiction.

Have you discovered something unexpected recently?

xoxo, Jane