Thursday Reading Links #44

Flowers and tea!

Happy February! Here is what I’ve been reading during my commute this week (plus a throwback blog post).

Yoga poses you should do everyday. If someone else has better ideas for daily yoga poses, please let me know. 2020 is the year of good health! Let’s do this!

The Lutetia Hotel in Paris.

Re-reading Persepolis in 2020 and What to Read Next.

What to do in Paris in February. No, I’m not going. Just daydreaming.

Some really great romance novel recommendations.

A US Veteran in California is over 100 years old. All he wants is for you to send him a Valentine’s Day Card. I sent him one and if you want to do so too, here is the mailing address.

9 Independent Bookshops in London. Do you have any favorite bookshops anywhere?

Notes of a Chronic Rereader.

Let’s all read more fiction.

xoxo, Jane

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  1. I love Paris, so of course, I clicked on “What to do in Paris in February” – unfortunately, I’m not going either. Let’s keep daydreaming. I’d love to see Paris in April when the blossoms are blooming! 🌸🌸🌸🌸

    Have a wonderful week!

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