Thursday Reading Links (on a Saturday. Again.) #41

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I hope your weekend is off to a nice, relaxing start! Here is my round-up of reading links.

Interesting reading. How the baby boomers – not millennials – screwed America.

This week on the blog, Dilemmas of a Book Nerd Tag.

12 Decadent Hot Chocolates to Sip on in Paris.

100 Great Books by African American Women.

In Defense of Being a Night Owl. “I’d much rather watch Colbert than Good Morning America, and I’d take another glass of wine over squeezing in a morning workout class any day.”

The 50 Best Writing Websites of 2020.

Reading Positions. Haha. Which one are you? I’m the “Just a few more pages…” position.

How to De-Puff Your Eyes in 3 Minutes or Less. I googled this topic because my eyes are super puffy for no reason at all. My eyes look as if I’ve been crying all night, when I’ve been sleeping soundly instead. The perils of being a woman, I suppose.

Your Watch Says More About Your Status Than You Think. (WSJ, so there may be a paywall if you exceeded your free articles.)

The teenage Dutch girls who seduced and killed Nazis.

Cheers! xoxo, Jane

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