Thursday Reading Links (on a Saturday) #40


For the third year in a row I have a word of the year to help me achieve my goals, but this year’s word is a little different from the past two years.

My word is Health. I will aim to take better care of myself. I want to drink more water, go on longer walks and do yoga-ish exercises. I had a recent health scare and it’s funny how we take things for granted and then something happens to make us realize how fragile we all are. That’s why I want health to be my focus for 2020. The same goes for you, please take good care of yourself.


Why Don’t I Read All My Books?

Eight Bookish New Year’s Resolution Ideas to Improve Your Reading Life.

This is an interesting read about our carbon footprint, but I must admit I don’t feel flight shame. I live in North America. The only way for me to get to Europe (or to any of the other continents) is by airplane. Why ‘flight shame’ is making people swap planes for trains.

This article linked below is so true. I am an introvert and really prefer to be alone. I see my friends periodically and I don’t set regular get-togethers with anyone because my quality time comes first. The only exception is my husband. He can be around me as much as he wants. He is my favorite human. A woman’s greatest enemy? A lack of time to herself.

January 2020 Horoscopes and Book Recommendations.

Romania auctions dictator’s hunting car for $44,000.

My recent quarterly reading wrap-ups can be found here and here.

The Best Eye Creams of 2020. (How do we know they will be the best of 2020, though?)

Five must-read books from Japanese literature.

A List of Purchases That Changed My Life Exactly How I Imagined They Would.

Natural History Museum will showcase ‘fantastic beasts.’

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