Happy Birthday, Jane Austen!


Happy Birthday to Miss Austen.

I wish she didn’t die as young as she did, for the world could have used a few more of her sparkling, witty novels.

Here are a few facts about Jane Austen:

  1. She was a loving aunt to her nieces and nephews.
  2. She was engaged to Harris Bigg-Wither but broke off her engagement. I’d like to think it’s because she wanted to remain independent and free to pursue her writing career.
  3. Jane’s sister Cassandra told their niece Caroline (their brother James’s daughter) that Jane fell in love with a clergyman. We don’t know his name and we’ll never know what really happened.
  4. Jane Austen loved the countryside and gardens. She enjoyed public gardens and tending her own garden in Bath.
  5. Jane Austen didn’t have much interest in fashion, but she didn’t mind making her characters very fashionable and fashion-conscious.

What are some of your favorite Jane Austen facts?

xoxo, Jane