Thursday Reading Links #29

Waikiki Beach

Ever since my trip to Palau, I’ve been reading what I can about the battles that took place there like the bizarre story of WWII soldiers who refused too surrender even after the war ended.

This was fun to read. I love reading about books. Et tu? Bronte Sisters Are Detectives! & More Must-Read Mystery & Thrillers.

This story of a boy who returned a fish to the lake melts my heart!

Cup of Jo’s picks for fall books. And mine.

More Waikiki Beach

A Neglected Modern Masterpiece and Its Perverse Hero. (The New Yorker)

Totally random, but I bought myself one of those velvet kokoshnik-type heabands the Duchess of Cambridge wears and I feel like a princess. And, Wikipedia’s entry on kokoshnik.

Doesn’t this book, The Mermaid and the Bear, sound incredible? It’s out tomorrow.

The blog one year ago: Trinket Tuesday: Easter Egg.

Have a great Friday and weekend.

xoxo, Jane