Gilded Age reading and a tea recommendation


I’m really excited for the Downton Abbey movie. With few exceptions, I prefer watching movies at home. It’s just more comfortable for me. Nothing beats pjs, bunny slippers and a good cup of tea. But I’ll have to stay patient for a little while longer and not read any spoilers.

In honor of the Downton Abbey movie, let’s talk about two timely, but fun, books.

To Marry an English Lord by Gail MacColl and Carol McD. Wallace

I love this book! I actually read it years before Downton Abbey premiered and it’s the book that inspired Julian Fellowes to create Downton Abbey. That’s where Cora’s character comes from because this book talks about all of the rich American girls who exchanged dollars (dowries) for titles. The book has an abundance of pictures and illustrations and an actual American heiress directory for your perusal.

The Husband Hunters by Anne De Courcy

In a similar vein, this book is about the American heiresses who married into the British aristocracy. One such heiress was Prime Minister Winston Churchill’s mama. We keep forgetting Churchill was half-American. The book has a generous amount of illustrations and photographs and a great bibliography for further reference.

Podcast recommendation

If you’d rather listen than read, then I recommend The History Chicks’ episode on this very subject, Gilded Age Servants and Heiresses. The episode is over an hour long.


Tea recommendation

Time for a tea recommendation. Fortnum’s Royal Blend is perfect for reading, quiet evenings at home or watching movies (like the Downton Abbey film).

If you’ve seen the movie, don’t give me any spoilers but let me know what you thought!

xoxo, Jane

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