Thursday Reading Links (on a Sunday) #28

Mariage Frères in Tokyo.

Having just returned from Japan, I was so sorry and sad to hear about the typhoon. I was happy that Japan beat Scotland in their rugby match. They really needed a win as a morale boost for the nation.

We had a lovely tea at Mariage Frères in Tokyo.

Four Most Haunted Hotels in Washington D.C.

I am craving a good slice of battenberg cake and can’t seem to find one in my neck of the woods. Which makes sense since I live across that little pond from Britain. How to make the perfect battenberg cake. I just need to stop being lazy so I can make it myself. I have a great recipe in my Fortnum’s cookbook.

Renovation Romance Novels to Read if You Love HGTV.

Meghan Markle vs. The Daily Mail. One of the comments in this article made a good point. The media keeps crucifying the Duchess, but Prince Andrew can get away with pedophilia? I’m as baffled as you are.

A Creative Life: Sophie & Spencer.

I’m reading The Gown by Jennifer Robson. It is so, so, so good that I don’t have words for it (yet, review to follow). If you love couture, royals, history and royal history then you might like this book too.

And just for fun, the blog one year ago: Trinket Tuesday: Tour Eiffel

Have a great new week!!

xoxo, Jane

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4 thoughts on “Thursday Reading Links (on a Sunday) #28”

    1. It was a wonderful vacation! I feel awful about that destructive typhoon…This book is so good. It kept me up past midnight and I plan to finish it today. I’ll watch this video as soon as I finish reading the book in case there are spoilers. Thank you for the link. You are the best!!

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      1. You’re welcome. It’s not a spoiler, it’s more of a promotion with some interesting facts. But since you’re busy reading, you’ll enjoy it later. 🙂

        It’s very tragic that many lives were lost and so much destruction. 😦 And here we are in Canada celebrating Thanksgiving.

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