Thursday Reading Links #26

beautiful bloom blooming blossom

Five Places to Travel This Fall. It’s a nice list because it doesn’t mention the usual suspects.

This historical romance by Anne Harrington sounds wonderful.

Wow, if you are in the Denver area: there will be a Monet exhibition this October. You lucky Denver ducks!

Speaking of Denver, there is also the Molly Brown House Museum to see and the house is steeped in history. Molly Brown was a Titanic survivor.

Did you read any of the Sweet Valley High books as a kid? I think I read them all. This Book Riot article pairs Sweet Valley High characters to their Saved by the Bell doppelgängers. So funny!

A really great review of the novel The Care and Feeding of Ravenously Hungry Girls.

The Ribbed Bodice sells book-themed tea now, but I don’t think it’s available for online orders just yet. If you go in and buy some, please let this tea-lover know what you think of it!

photo of pink flowers

A bed canopy made of plants. So romantic!

Signs The Book You’re Reading is Great. Haha, this is me for sure!

Fragrance sensitivity: why perfumed products can cause profound health problems. I love wearing perfume and own a number of different bottles (I should do a blog post on perfume so we can talk about it together), but I am extremely mindful of other people and wear perfume very lightly.

Have a great day and a wonderful weekend!!!

xoxo, Jane

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