Thursday Reading Links #21

The big news of the week is that I have caught up to the 21st century and joined the Twitterverse. But it’s a politics-free zone. I just want to talk about books, history and tea (and other pleasant stuff).

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Also, I’ve decided to do away with bullet style for the links. It looked too clinical to me and I like this free-flowing style better. I hope you do too. Happy Reading!

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Dreamy Closet Library Ideas to Add to Your Home. Yes, please!!

I think I might have found a new podcast to listen to. It’s a romance novel bookclub.

President Obama, my president forever, shares his summer reading list.

The Rabbit Girls by Anna Ellory is going to be my next read. It’s historical, heart-wrenching novel of hope and love. It’s set in 1989 in a divided Germany. It will be published on September 1st, but you can pre-order now.

I’m currently reading Tan France’s memoir, Naturally Tan.  Tan is charming and funny. I like his tv show, Queer Eye, but the reason I’m reading this book is because I’m curious how a gay Muslim from the UK ended up with a gay Mormon in Utah, of all places. He also has a YouTube channel where he talks about fun things like his home renovations, clothes and beauty. He just seems like such a great guy. I wish he was my friend!

Speaking of books, I’m over the moon about Sophie Kinsella’s latest in her Shopaholic series. Christmas Shopaholic will be released in October. I’ve read every book in this series and while I think I outgrew the series and the characters, I can’t seem to stay away. I guess that’s the magic of a good writer.

The Boston Globe wrote an interesting article about romance novels. Reading into the rise of the romance novel.

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From earlier this week, Four Books Set in London and a new tea/book pairing.

Queen Elizabeth I’s Only Known Surviving Dress Is Going on Display This Fall.

The Vatican Library has been digitized and is online.

“Icelanders read more books than anyone else, and writing and storytelling are highly valued.”

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