Podcasts Update Part VI


I found a new podcast that I love, Noble Blood. (You know I love my royal history!) At this point someone will need to invent several more hours in the day because there isn’t enough time for all the books, all the podcasts and all the afternoon teas.

Noble Blood is a narrative tour of history’s most fascinating royals (good, bad, nice, evil and fake). Hosted by author Dana Schwartz, so far we’ve had three really good episodes: The Second Death of Marie Antoinette, The Desperate Young King Charles II and The Butcher Baronet.

I don’t know if Dana did voice acting before, but she is really good at it and I’m entranced by her narrative. I love the soundtrack and the music in the background. It really sets the mood for the ominous true tales.

If you listen to it, let me know what you think. I love talking about podcasts (and books and afternoon tea).

xoxo, Jane

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