Pairing books with tea (Nine Coaches Waiting)

white book beside white mug
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Time for our weekly game of matching a good cup of tea to a good book!

Nine Coaches Waiting by Mary Stewart is a riveting suspense novel that had me at the edge of my seat. I was never relaxed during the reading of this book because I was scared something bad was about to happen. Mary Stewart is the master of romantic suspense!

The book’s heroine, Linda Martin, travels to France to work for a French family, the Valmy Family. Except she discovers the family may be hiding a sinister secret. Oh, and there is a strong, tall, sexy hero. His name is Raoul.


So which tea do we pair with a book set in France, has plenty of suspense and a handsome love interest?? How about Mariage Freres’ Earl Grey D’or? Obviously we have to sip a cup of dark, French tea for this suspenseful romance novel. Do you agree? xoxo, Jane