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One of the first things I do when I arrive in a new city (after getting over the jet leg and having a good cup of tea, that is) is go on the hunt for bookshops. And I did just that in Prague when I paid a visit to Shakespeare & Sons.

Shakespeare & Sons is a very charming bookshop in the Mala Strana district. It was an easy and scenic walk from the historic square.

The two floors with an abundant selection of books in English made my heart sing! I came out of the bookshop with two special books.


Czech Fairtyales is beautifully illustrated and filled with stories that are just as beautiful to read. I think it’s a children’s book, but if you love reading fairy tales you’ll enjoy this book very much.


I also found a rare copy of A Mountain of Gems – Fairy Tales of the Peoples of the Soviet Land on top of a stack of books in a corner. (This is why I love, love, love independent bookshops.)

IMG_4325 2

I’ve been enjoying reading the various fairy tales in this book. It’s a very touching read because children are children no matter where you go and no matter the politics.

So, what have you been reading? xoxo, Jane


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16 thoughts on “Shakespeare & Sons Bookshop in Prague”

  1. Love your photos, always so artistic! As for children’s books, I grew up with two German books: Max and Moritz (two mischievous little boys) and Struwwelpeter (which I was able to recite off by heart). When reading to my children, I preferred Winnie the Pooh. πŸ™‚


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    1. Oh gosh, I grew up with both of those books too!! I grew up in Germany and came to the US as a teen. Anyway, those books scared me then and sometimes I still get visions of the punishments Max and Moritz had to have. Eak! A few years ago I was at the Morgan Library in NYC and they had original copies of a vintage Max and Moritz book. Brought back so many memories.

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      1. They were scary for sure, that’s why I preferred reading Winnie the Pooh to my kids. On the positive side, I never sucked my thumb or played with matches. πŸ˜‰

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    1. I just looked it up and it gave me chills. It looks like an incredible read. I’m going to see if my library has it. I love to sew so I’m a bit captivated already. Thank you for the idea!

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    1. I love this! Me too! Which one has been your favorite bookshop or library in your travels? A few years ago I was in NYC and went to visit The Morgan Library. It was incredible.

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