Thursday Reading Links #11

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Hi there! I hope the week is going really well for you.

Here is what I’ve been reading lately. The first article linked below is about Anne Frank’s friends. I pulled out a quote from the article because it made me think about life and the people and strangers we interact with everyday.

On Anne Frank’s 90th birthday, her friends meet students. “I’ve slept in 12 different places during hiding and my lesson is: Good people can be found everywhere.”

Vanity Is Not a Deadly Sin. It’s One of Life’s Last Vital Signs.

The MidCentury Kitchen: How the Avocado Fridge Came to Define the 70s. This was a fun read. Plus I really wanted to understand the obsession our parents had with avocado appliances!

I can’t go to bed if there is even a spoon in the sink. Am I neurotic? The Guardian doesn’t think so!!

“I Can’t Stop Reading Mary Stewart, Retro Queen of Romantic Suspense.”

Top 10 houseguests in fiction.

Books on beauty and what it means to be beautiful.

Seven of the Best Fiction Books about Evil Sisters.

12 French Lifestyle Tips to Steal for a Happier Life.

Thank you for stopping by. xoxo, Jane

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  1. I love the quote from Anne Frank!

    The link “MidCentury Kitchen” got my attention, because avocado green and harvest gold were popular when I got married in the ’70s. Pink and pale turquoise were the popular fridge colours during my mom’s time.


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