Podcasts Update Part V


I have a new podcast that I love! I just wish I had ten extra hours in a day. There are so many podcasts to enjoy and so little free time.

Anyway, this podcast is called Queens and it’s about women (queens, empresses, consorts, princesses…) in history.

The two hosts are funny with a wonderful rapport and hilarious banter. They make history fun. I do have to warn you, this podcast uses a lot of foul language. If you don’t mind the language, then you are in for a treat. Personally for me, the foul language makes it more relatable and fun to listen to. I feel like I’m gossiping with two friends. Plus I can’t judge, I have a big potty mouth!!

Currently the podcast is covering Elizabeth of Austria (Sisi) but previous women covered are Olga of Kiev, Zenobia, Matilda of Flanders and Empress Wu. All fascinating women, none I ever learned about in school!

What’s your podcast of choice these days? xoxo, Jane

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