Thursday Reading Links #7

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I actually don’t have many links today because I spent most of this week watching television. I didn’t want to admit this because it’s embarrassing, but I don’t want to pretend I’m someone I’m not. Sometimes I just like a good bingeable TV show over reading or being productive, you know?

How the Hell Has Danielle Steel Managed to Write 179 Books? This is an article by Glamour Magazine about Danielle Steel’s career. Basically, she is successful because she writes all the time, as in #respect


This is a new type of nail salon coming to my neck of the woods. I’m waiting for opening day so I can stop by for a visit (and a manicure).

Your Complete Guide to Popular Literacy Devices in Great Writing.

I love this: Like Peanut Butter and Jelly: A Fiction and Nonfiction Book Pairing. xoxo, Jane