Thursday Reading Links #4


Welcome to Thursday. Or as I like to call it, Friday Eve. What are you doing this weekend? I’m going to clean my patio and plant some flowers.

Here are some fun reading links.

I am practicing photography and I’m really proud of this picture I took.

I got to enjoy a new (to me) tea at a hotel I stayed at last weekend.

Speaking of tea, how beautiful is this Royal Albert tea set? I own the Rose Confetti set.

100 Years of Purses by Glamour and 100 Years of Fashion: Handbags by Glam.

9 Things Happy, Healthy People DON’T Have in Their Bedrooms. I totally agree with this and don’t keep any of those things in my bedroom either.

Have a great weekend! xoxo, Jane


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  1. Liked the handbag item, my wife and I like doing forties events in the old car and dressing the part so it’s always nice to see old fashions. Odd looking back how many of the earlier ones had smoking equipment whereas nowadays it’s all phones and music machines etc.

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