Let’s talk about tea!

(c) Fortnum & Mason

I’ve talked about Fortnum & Mason before here and here. But today I want to talk about my favorite Fortnum’s tea. 

The English-speaking world divides roughly into two main camps – one camp swears by tea, the other coffee. Occasionally, each camp swears at the other. At Fortnum’s we maintain a strict neutrality. Here harmony reigns – for here you will find the best of both worlds.

Fortnum’s The Cook Book

My favorite Fortnum’s tea (and probably favorite tea in general) is Countess Grey. It’s delicious, citrusy and airy. It goes well with a little bit of sugar and a little bit of milk.

I’m a huge tea snob and will not drink tea if the water is not boiled. I’ve learned to stay away from tea in most American restaurants because they use hot water instead of water that’s boiled. Yes, I can tell the difference. I told you I was a tea snob.

Fortnum & Mason instructions: For every cup you wish to make, add a rounded teaspoon of leaves to your pot. Add freshly-boiled water, brew for 3-5 minutes, place your strainer over your cup and pour. For tea bags, simply brew in your cup for 3-5 minutes, remove and enjoy.

I’m going to make a cup of Countess Grey right now. Do you have a favorite tea?

xoxo, Jane