Thursday Reading Links #2


It’s almost the weekend! This weekend I plan to read a book, go for a long walk and do some writing. What about you?

Here are some fun links I’ve enjoyed reading.

I love the blog Every Day Parisian. Rebecca’s story of going out on her own to live life on her terms, to travel and work as a photographer is #lifegoals and inspiration. I enjoyed reading her Paris Diaries blog post.

This Telegraph article about the exiled Greek royals is over a decade old, but I’m always fascinated by exiled royals who have to make a living somehow, even if that means selling off family heirlooms.

The Washington Post has a new podcast series about the Civil Rights movement. Will you be tuning in? I will.

Did you see this article about Notting Hill residents being upset at influencers? What do you think?

If you’re in the area next month, George Washington’s home in Virginia, Mount Vernon, will be hosting a Revolutionary War Weekend.

Have a great weekend! xoxo, Jane