The Cold War Q&A Part I

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I’m a romance writer and I’m working on a romance series set during the Cold War. (More on that another day.) Of course, as a romance writer, I’m a very proud member of Romance Writers of America. Last year I hosted a Q&A for my history chapter, Hearts Through History. Just for fun, I thought I’d post the Q&A here too. I’ll post Part II next week.

What was the Cold War? The Cold War was a nearly 50-year struggle between the USSR and the USA for economic, political and military control. In other words, it was about global dominance. For example, both countries were in fierce competition to win the nuclear arms race and the space race.

As you know, the two countries never went into direct military battle. Instead proxy wars were fought between the USA and the USSR (Vietnam War, Korean War, Albania, Afghanistan, South America…) The Cold War affected the entire globe and millions died in these battles.

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When did the Cold War start? Ok, the answer depends on who you talk to. Some historians will say it began with the fall of the Romanovs. But generally most historians will say that it began after WWII. Winston Churchill announced to the world the start of the Cold War with his great speech “Iron Curtain” in March 1946.

What is containment? It was a defense policy of the USA and its allies to prevent the Soviet Union from spreading communism into Western Europe.

Let me know if you have any follow-up questions. I love chatting about the Cold War era.

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