The Fortnum’s Cook Book

Yesterday I wrote about my favorite cookbooks, but there is another cookbook that deserves a special mention. Those who follow me on Instagram know that I’m crazy about Fortnum & Mason. I mean, I’m insanely devoted and possibly their number one fan!!!

The Fortnum’s Cook Book is one of my favorites, but I didn’t mention it in yesterday’s post since I haven’t used it for cooking (yet). So far (for a year now) I’ve been reading the recipes and anecdotes while admiring the sumptuous illustrations. This is a really good-looking cookbook! But I feel daunted by the advanced recipes (or maybe I’m just scared of using the metric system). I think I might be right to feel that way since some of the recipes date back centuries. Fortnum & Mason has been around since the very early 1700s and this cookbook shares three centuries worth of recipes. In fact, this is their first ever cookbook. That’s right, Fortnum & Mason is so much more than just tea. After all, legend says that Fortnum & Mason invented the scotch egg.

Another interesting tidbit? They were the first British grocer to import Bush’s Baked Beans from America.


The cookbook is written by Tom Parker Bowles (the son of the Duchess of Cornwall) and organized in sections: Breakfast, Morning Tea, Lunch, Ice Cream, Afternoon Tea, Savouries, Dinner, Sides, Puddings, Supper and Cocktails.

But I really do want to try the recipes. The morning tea, afternoon tea and ice cream sections seem the most attainable recipes for me so I’ll plan to start there!

Do you own this beautiful cookbook? If yes, which recipes have you tried?

xoxo, Jane