Trinket Tuesday: Advice

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During research for a story, I came across this Washington Post Miss Manners article, written by Judith Martin. I was pleased to learn that Judith Martin still writes for The Washington Post and is a prolific author of books on manners. I’m a fan of manners and behaving well and I wish more people followed proper etiquette on the subway (i.e. please stop clipping your fingernails!!!)

In this case, I found Miss Manners’ advice particularly interesting (considering I love jewelry, trinkets and such), but I don’t plan to follow it. I truncated the article to avoid breaking copyright law.


When and where is it correct to wear diamonds in the daytime?


The proper time is evening. Only engagement and wedding-band diamonds are properly worn in daylight. That rule also goes for rubies, sapphires and emeralds; semiprecious stones may be worn during the day.

Copyright The Washington Post Company May 24, 1989

My personal philosophy is to wear your bling (do people still use that word?) all day, every day!! And if I owned a tiara, I’d wear it everywhere during daytime and nighttime. Well, almost everywhere. xoxo

Links for your enjoyment: The Miss Manners website, Miss Manners column.

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