Trinket Tuesday: Eugenie’s Pearl and Diamond Diadem

For today’s trinket, we travel back to the Louvre to admire another royal tiara. This time, a pearl and diamond tiara owned by Empress Eugenie, consort of Napoleon III. To learn more, I consulted my trusty tome of a book, Tiaras – A History of Splendour by Geoffrey Munn. According to Munn, this tiara was made for Empress Eugenie and has this many pearls and diamonds (brace yourselves): 212 pearls weighing 2,520 grams and 1,998 diamonds weighing 63.3 carats.

The pearl and diamond tiara made by Gabriel Lemonnier.

Munn also provides us with a short timeline: the tiara was sold in 1887 and made its way into the German princely family of Thurn und Taxis, eventually to be purchased by the Louvre in 1992.


Links for your enjoyment: Winterhalter’s portrait of Eugenie wearing this tiara, fascinating Washington Post article: Death und Taxis, Gloria von Thurn und Taxis wearing the tiara on her wedding day.

Trinket Tuesday is where I share some of the lovely things I discover during my travels, research or around town. All pictures are my own (unless I state otherwise). I hope you enjoy!