Trinket Tuesday: Bapst Emerald and Diamond Tiara


I love jewelry and the history of jewelry so I thought I’d briefly chat with you about it.

When visiting museums I always make a beeline for the decorative arts section, leaving my poor husband in the dust. It’s so wonderful to see in person the royal jewelry I read about, such as this magnificent emerald tiara at the Louvre.

It was made in 1820 for the Duchesse d’Angoulême (eldest daughter of Marie Antoinette) by Evrard and Frederick Bapst.  The tiara is made of gold and set with 1031 diamonds and 40 emeralds.  Seeing the emeralds up close was incredible. The emerald stone is one of my favorite gems.


The tiara became the favorite tiara of Empress Eugénie, consort of Napoleon III.  The French then sold it in 1887. After a very long absence, the tiara returned home to France where it now rests at the Louvre Museum.

xoxo, Jane